What Is Grey Power?

Grey Power is a New Zealand wide political lobby organisation and it is NOT aligned to any political Party.

It began in 1987 when the Government of the day in an endeavour to cut the pension, introduced a surcharge (an extra tax) in New Zealand superannuation.

Grey Power first started in Auckland as the Auckland Superannuitants Association.  Meetings were called and attendees were often very vocal and angry thus attracting media attention.  Associations were very quickly formed in other centres and thus Grey Power New Zealand Federation came into being.  There are now 76 Associations country wide and over 70,000 financial members and still growing.

New Zealand is geographically divided into seven Zones, the smallest having 5 Associations and the biggest 20, with Head Office based in Papakura and staffed with three part-time employees, all the others are Volunteers including Committee Members here in Whangarei.

Although the original reason for forming the movement was the surcharge on Super, the other areas of activity being pursued are health, electricity, human rights, local bodies, law and order and justice. 

By joining Grey Power you are becoming part of an organisation that strives to protect welfare and wellbeing of older people.   You have local community involvement and participation in local social activities.  By increasing our numerical strength of this organisation it gives us more lobbying power when dealing with the Government of the day.

Whangarei Association has three public meetings plus an AGM each year with interesting guest speakers on subjects that help enlighten our members as well as to socialise.

Grey Power’s main aim is to make sure there is a pension for the next generations.  If the people in their 50’s and 60’s do not join and participate, Grey Power will fade away and so will the pensions. 

Don’t sit on the fence!  Come and join us. 

For further information: Contact George Snell  Ph  437 5550

Membership: Lynette Fox  Ph 436 1822




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