Whangarei   Attractions

A city with an estimated population of 57,700 (June, 2017), in Northland, the northern-most province of New Zealand.

 An aerial view of Whangarei

The Maori twist or Pikorua resembles two interwined pikopiko ferns. 

The triple twist pikorua in general refers to the interconnectedness of groups of people such as two cultures (or peoples) It also stands for the challenges and reconciliations between these groups.  Credit: www.tuarangi.com

The lower half shows the local kauri forests, a bull for the agriculture and the war memorial column on Mt Parihaka. The chief symbolises the importance of sailing, fishing and tourism for the town. The crest also refers to (game) fishing and the sun refers to the sunny climate of the town.The supporters are a Maori chief and the missionary Samuel Marsden.  The motto "Not to ourselves alone"

         (WRE)    Airport 

          Flight Check                         

   Town Basin Marina 

                                               Boat Facilities

   Inter-City Coaches 


  Travelling Distances 


 Information Centre 

           Kia Ora

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