Vest Cover offers permanently discounted medical insurance for Grey Power.  So far, the savings have averaged around $100 per month per policyholder.

SuperSeniors:  Finance & Planning

NZ Superannuation / Get Your Finances Sorted / Enduring Power of Attorney / Disability Allowance.

Sorted - Your independent Money Guide - The Kiwi Guide to Money.

Citizens Advice Bureau - National Data Base - various subjects-

Whangarei Branch - Old Town Hall, 71 Bank Street Vinetown 0110  (09 4388046

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - The only organisation providing information, advice, support and advocay for full time grandparent caregivers.

CL Community Law - Free legal help.

See also - Citizens Advice Bureau, Grey Power Federation Inc Advocacy Group, 0800 473979,

                 - Whangarei Senior Citizens & Beneficiaries Association, 09 4384962












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